Heart beating at his chest
Love throbbing in his eyes
The hemline of her dress
Shimmering against the sky

And a reason to believe
The reasons to stay true
Are there for all to see
In her deep and rosy hue.


Summer Poem #1

April 27, 2010

On this afternoon of blissful sun
The trees cast their shadows
‘Cross the paths our hearts follow
Up the hill and down the lane
Along the river and back again
To the place we sat and sit still
All at peace till we accept the will
To move and make our lazy way
Down to some old cafe to stay
And talk the day to its knees
Deaf to its shouts and its pleas
As we fill to the brim the pot
With words that never stop
And tea that flows so freely
And talk that comes so easy
And the laughter and smiles
That keep us distracted while
The evening has slowly begun
To stretch-out shadows ‘neath the sun
Then its goodbye and each away home
Where wild dreams begin to roam
Dreams which sleep can never see
Dreams of all that love could be
Dreams of all that love has done
And dreams of what may yet become
Of this single, blissful afternoon of sun.