Just to See

January 6, 2013

He would think about her often
and would wonder
At the little that he knew
and what might be

For he knew he longed to see her
just to kiss her
And he knew he longed to kiss her
just to see



November 9, 2011

It can be a night on the pier
And a few spins round
the up-and-down machine
That churns your heart about

Or an up-all-night talk-fest
With an up-till-now
Just good friend
That sets your mind alight

It can be just a hand
Touching slightly another hand
Or a foot left dangling
That pulls the curtains down

Familiar words
Sung over a strange chord
Or track four on the wrong morning
That gets you thinking

You can break at the sight
Of a startled kiss
Or bend and bow
When the winds turn

But you’ll be certain
Only of the afterglow
And late every time
Love decides to show


July 18, 2011

He knows so little of love, this man,
And I guess even less about you:
For he shakes and he fumbles,
He moans and he grumbles
And can’t wait for each day to be through.
But though he says that he can’t,
You can tell that his heart
Beats a shambling rhythm for you;
And I know that he’d follow
Wherever you’d go,
If you told him you wanted him to.

Plea Bargain

April 20, 2011

Could we just stop
before it ends?
Could we get real for a minute
before we have to pretend?
Could we try to make-up
and skip all the breaking-down?
Could we lie for a while and listen
for the final sounds?

Could we try for a kiss
where you don’t bite my lip?
Could we walk a little slower please
like it’s not our last trip?
Could you at least make out
that you’re a little impressed
by the money I don’t have to spend
and the way I’m dressed?

I think we could live our lives
without making plans.
I think we could walk on forever
always holding hands.
I think we could meet
down the alley at dawn
and you could tell me why, exactly,
you think that I’m wrong.

Heart beating at his chest
Love throbbing in his eyes
The hemline of her dress
Shimmering against the sky

And a reason to believe
The reasons to stay true
Are there for all to see
In her deep and rosy hue.

Window Shopping

March 11, 2011

I think of her now and again
Through the window of a Hank Williams song,
Simple and without decoration,
Save for the dust across the pane.

Then I sing to myself sometimes
Those songs that paint the memories fast,
Steamed and running upon the glass,
And lose myself between the lines.

But when the song comes to its end
And the music drips away to silence,
She is lost to some forgotten tense,
And the blinds are drawn against me, once again.

Spinning Endlessly

February 25, 2011

I fell for your photograph,
when I saw it on the wall.
Then I fell into your folded arms,
I never thought at all
about where it might have ended,
or how it might begin:
My head was like a spinning-top
and girl, you were the spin.

Then I tripped over my shoelace,
that was lying in my way;
and I stumbled over what it was
I was really trying to say.
So you took my hand in your hand,
kissed me gently on the chin,
and you said you’d be my singing teacher,
teach me how to sing.

And we tripped through all the photographs
that we took along the years;
and we sang along to all the songs
that fell upon our ears.
And that spinning-top keeps spinning,
forever round and round,
as I count my endless blessings
for this love I somehow found.