Plea Bargain

April 20, 2011

Could we just stop
before it ends?
Could we get real for a minute
before we have to pretend?
Could we try to make-up
and skip all the breaking-down?
Could we lie for a while and listen
for the final sounds?

Could we try for a kiss
where you don’t bite my lip?
Could we walk a little slower please
like it’s not our last trip?
Could you at least make out
that you’re a little impressed
by the money I don’t have to spend
and the way I’m dressed?

I think we could live our lives
without making plans.
I think we could walk on forever
always holding hands.
I think we could meet
down the alley at dawn
and you could tell me why, exactly,
you think that I’m wrong.


Sweet Nothings

April 18, 2011

Take away that which is most useless,
remove all of this stale saddlery
which lovers of old did not possess,
and what remains to speak of, for me,
but how the lace hem of your dress
lies, and my eyes trace your beauty?

Heart beating at his chest
Love throbbing in his eyes
The hemline of her dress
Shimmering against the sky

And a reason to believe
The reasons to stay true
Are there for all to see
In her deep and rosy hue.

Perfect Little Room

April 17, 2011

There’s a hole in the wall
Of this perfect little room
From which pour forth
Great images of doom

And nothing crawls free
From the channel below
And no life can be seen
Through the flickering snow

There’s nothing to be done
For those caught up in its grip
The web has been spun
And the piper just sits

And he sits and he sits
And he waits through the night
For the witless and stupid
To surrender the fight

There through the window
In a dance they all come
Led by an echo
And the crack of a drum

And they find as they fall
Head-first through the gloom
It was just a hole in the wall
Of a perfect little room.