May 11, 2010

OK, so this was directly inspired by Bob Dylan’s ‘Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie’. Dylan was asked to write a short piece about what Woody Guthrie meant to him, and he came out with this. I think it’s amazing, and I read it today for the first time in ages, and was inspired to write this.

The blue hazy light
Blinking its way
Through the darkness
Of the empty bay
Shines not for me
Nor for our friends
Not for the women
And not for the men
Who toil each dreaded day
Amongst the nets, in the boats
On the slugging slogging seas
Off the iron metal coasts
In the devils mills
Where the thrill
Is fast fading
With each day passing
And the glass
Is clouding over
Without humour
Lacking splendour
Squalor will reign
And the pain will fall
Cold and hard
Like the dead eyes
Of the prison guard
Who will not let you leave
Though you cease to believe
In the things he’s saying
And the lies he’s telling
The promises he’s making
And the fist he’s shaking
While the line for the waiting
Grows and grows daily
And the constant updating
Starts to seem like salvation
In a hapless helpless land
Where all through the sinking
Somewhere a band keeps playing
Playing music no eye can hear
No ear can see through the fog
And the blinding silence which falls
As deafening as the crackled call
Of a million burned-out voices
Calling for their choices to be heard
And for lessons to be learned
And for mistakes to be remembered
And for troubles to be ended
And for answers to be found
And for peace to rain on down
And for every soul to be accounted
And for fools to be dumbfounded
And for the hearts that may have crumbled
To be recovered from the rubble
And as the blue blinking light
Starts to fade with the night
And a million tired eyes feign surprise
We see scratched on the sky
Atop its clear and cloudless climbs
A faint yet determined echo of a star
Shining its light beyond this world
Beyond any world worth imagining
To a place that belongs to us all
To a land that we all know exists
To a people who will forever persist
To a future that will be worth the waiting
To a future that is there for the taking.


One Hundred Words

May 10, 2010

I was down
Down in the deep dark wood
When the world outside ended
In a ball of empty handed fury
Unable any longer to expend
The energy or lend itself
A leg-up the everlasting ladder.
Lost and alone in a zero void
Astride the last remaining trunk
Of a once mighty redwood tree
I sailed away as best I could
Without paddle I stood alone
Searching the edge of the world
For anything resembling hope
But hopelessness was all I earned
As my reward for being down
Down in the deep dark wood
When the world chose to explode.