Summer Poem #1

April 27, 2010

On this afternoon of blissful sun
The trees cast their shadows
‘Cross the paths our hearts follow
Up the hill and down the lane
Along the river and back again
To the place we sat and sit still
All at peace till we accept the will
To move and make our lazy way
Down to some old cafe to stay
And talk the day to its knees
Deaf to its shouts and its pleas
As we fill to the brim the pot
With words that never stop
And tea that flows so freely
And talk that comes so easy
And the laughter and smiles
That keep us distracted while
The evening has slowly begun
To stretch-out shadows ‘neath the sun
Then its goodbye and each away home
Where wild dreams begin to roam
Dreams which sleep can never see
Dreams of all that love could be
Dreams of all that love has done
And dreams of what may yet become
Of this single, blissful afternoon of sun.


A Quick Poem of Boredom

April 19, 2010

I’m not actually bored at the moment, I’m very busy. Go figure.

Boredom sets in
And its hard to begin
All those things that you know you should do.
It just seems so much trouble
To sift through the rubble
So its telly for an hour or two.


April 19, 2010

Tonight it seems
The streets smell like sugar cane
Burning sickly sweet
As I make my way home

Tonight the trees
Have trapped each street lamp
And woven their glows
In fine and delicate cages

Tonight the stars
Win back what once was theirs
Outshining the embers
Of the smouldering city

Tonight the world
Seems set against itself
Nature evermore
At war with tomorrow

Tonight the roads
Lead always to home
Through a brimful existence
And a change of scene

Tonight I dreamed
The streets smelled like sugar cane
Burning strong and sweet
As I made my way home

Still A Heart (Song)

April 18, 2010

A sinking ship is still a ship
Though its lost its way on its first trip
And slowly sinking down beneath the wild waves
For each man that’s lost, there’s one who’s saved.

And a broken heart is still a heart
Though it be tattered and torn apart
And its pieces scattered in the wild and howling wind
They can all be recovered in the end

And the last goodbye isn’t always the last goodbye
Though it can seem so at the time
And sometimes ‘No’ can seem as sweet as the first hello
And what is real is hard to know

Oh my heart still feels like my heart
Though once it was battered and blown apart
Cos someone came and she made it beat again
She put it back together just the same

Cos a broken heart is still a heart
Though its been tattered and torn apart
And its pieces scattered in the wild and howling wind
They can all be recovered in the end
They can all be recovered in the end

He met her by the arches
Down near where the church is
Where the songbird perches high
On the telephone wire

And as he took her hand and walked her
On down to the water side
He’d never felt so uncertain
About what was on his mind

And as they walked on into the city
She never looked so damn pretty
But she somehow wasn’t the same lady
He thought he used to know

But when they sat together by the river
And the sundown set her all a shiver
He wrapped his coat around her tight
And that seemed to set things right

For in that warming moment
He felt a future full of hopes and dreams
And the closeness got him forgetting
All the times in between

Then she stood up and walked away
He caught her up, only to hear her say
I don’t think it can ever work this way
I’m sorry

There didn’t seem much point in talking
So they just held hands and kept on walking
Looking all around, looking at the parking signs
Trying so hard to keep from crying

And they walked on back to the arches
Where the song bird still perches high
And they kissed once more and parted
Forever, and for the final time.