Until You Smile (A Song)

February 14, 2010

A song I bashed out tonight. I’ve been reading this book called Guitar Man, about one thirtysomething’s quest to learn the guitar. One of the tips he got was to just try things out, so in that spirit i’ve attempted a rough bass/melody picking style, as opposed to just strumming. And this is the result. I’m quite pleased with it.


Picking up the Pieces

February 14, 2010

Broken bricks can still be used
To build a mighty wall
And a man whose legs are broken
Can always learn to crawl
Broken promises can be repaired
To stem the leaking pain
And you can pick up the pieces of a broken heart
And learn to love again.

Mean Old Man (A Song)

February 12, 2010

Passing Howl

February 8, 2010

Who knows where the hope goes
At night when you’re trying to sleep
At night when you’re trying to dream
Of you and her together once more
Walking through the front door
Saying hello to the one you love
And so utterly adorable is she
That you can’t see what’s happening
All around you suffering
In the name of love and loyalty
To a queen who’d rather chop off your head
And leave you dead for all to see
Than give you the love you need to find
When the evening time comes and you sit
All alone with a phone in your hand
Trying to decide if she’ll understand
If you called her right now or
Would she just shout and scream
Blue murder cos you haven’t heard from her
Lately and getting later with every
Passing howl of wind at the window
And your hopes trickle away
Like the rain runs down the glass
And passes into the gutter
While you sit and mutter something
About love or hate and wait
For the phone to ring but it never rings
And she never calls and all the time
You find yourself in a daze
A phase that’s lasted weeks and weeks since
You last took a peek at the photos
And you know that you shouldn’t
But you tell yourself it couldn’t make things
Any worse than they are already
So with an unsteady hand you start to look
At the memories staring them right in the face
And the places you went and the people you’ve seen
Seem to stare back challenging you to stop
But you don’t stop don’t stop thinking about tomorrow
And your gold dust woman who waits
With patience and grace to make it better
But you don’t want to see her
Right now you want the one you can’t have
And who doesn’t want you and who flew the nest
Who flew into a rage who says she knows best
What is best for you and the best thing to do
For the future is not as we planned it
The future is orange or blue or green
But your future is you without me
And what is too good to be true is wrong
And the right way can seem like the bad way
A hard-luck highway hard under foot and
Hard like the walls which make up the room
Where you still sit alone
That she’ll never know about never know
How you sit there and scream to no one
‘Don’t you know me? Don’t you know me girl?
I’m the one you hurt I’m the one
Whose heart is breaking, who’s bones are shaking
Who’s body’s aching and waiting for you’
But she’ll never know cos you never phone
And you sit alone in your empty room
Just hoping and trying and wishing it
Could be different but it never will be different
Because you never phone and you sit alone
And the circles keep repeating into infinity
Lonely infinity lonely infinity lonely

Distant Land

February 4, 2010

Each remembered message
Every scrawl upon my wall
All the words on every page
I treasure and cling to them all
For together in the dark they stand
Like a distant flame of hope in a desperate land.

Under the Right Sky

February 4, 2010

Cold is the night my dear,
And damp is the ground,
But warm is your touch my dear,
That spins my head around.

Darkened is the sky my dear,
By the clouds which roll by,
But starry are your eyes my dear,
Which light the reason why.