Hello (a happy song)

January 30, 2010

The lies continue as I give you yet another song. Its even rougher than usual due to the pace, so forgive me.


Separate Lives (a song)

January 29, 2010

Ok, so I lied. Here’s me singing again (yay!) with some music I added to the lyrics I posted earlier, worked into a (sort of) proper song.

Twitter (A Warning)

January 29, 2010

Twitter here,
Twitter there,
Twitter like we just don’t care.
Twitter this,
Twitter that,
Twitter ’bout your brand new hat.
Twitter to, and
Twitter fro,
Twitter so that we’ll all know.
Twitter on,
Twitter off,
Twitter the sound of your wretched cough.
Twitter in bed
Twitter in the kitchen
Just don’t be surprised when we all stop listenin’.

Hello (a happy pop song)

January 28, 2010

I saw her first in a record shop,
Browsing the bands in rock and pop,
I smiled at her
And I think she smiled at me.
But I couldn’t even say ‘hello’,
So I guess she’ll never know.
The way I fell
In love with her that day.

It always seems to be my luck,
The way the words always get stuck in my throat
That’s why I wrote this song.

And then I saw her on the bus,
Rows of seats separating us,
The street lamps lit her face
As they whizzed by.
And I got up to say ‘hello’,
But she disappeared down below,
And wandered off,
Into the empty night.


So when I saw her on the street,
All I could do was stare at my feet,
I saw our shadows,
Standing side-by-side.
Then I heard a voice say ‘hello’
I turned around and what do you know?,
There she was
Smiling straight at me.

And now I guess my luck has changed
And ‘hello’ is not a strange word to say,
That’s why I play this song.

Lives Lived (A song)

January 28, 2010

Ok, so I’m writing quite a lot at the moment, but don’t really have the time, or the musical ability to come up with any backing for what I’m doing, and I’m not much of a singer anyway. So I’m gonna just post lyrics for the time being, and maybe get round to the music later – if anyone wants to lend a hand, that’d be great!

You’ve got your life,
And I’ve got my mine.
And the space between us
Is growing all the time.
I wonder if I searched for you,
Could you be found?
And if I were to call-out,
Would you hear a sound?

I’ve got my life,
And you’ve got yours.
I’ve searched all over babe,
Trying to find the cause.
But it doesn’t seem obvious,
No it doesn’t seem clear.
And all I discovered,
Was that I want you near.

Separate lives now,
We live them every day.
In the people we see in the street,
And in the words we say.
And with each new encounter,
With each new hello,
The loneliness fades away,
And hope starts to grow.


January 22, 2010

Mention a meadow
Beyond the clutches of the city
Where love grows
Golden and tall
In the furrows
On the brow of the hill.

Pick you path
Through the grains of memory
Fallen as seeds
Full of hope
Taking root
In the soft and empty earth.

Remember a road
Winding its way westward
Towards happiness
Setting silently
On the horizon
In the longing lazy light.

Talk of a town
On the sorry seashore
With defiant doors
Standing silent
Quietly closed
Against the tousled tide.

But talk not to me
Of such scenes as these
For lost am I
In the swill and sway
Of the city
And cannot bear to hear.

Winter Party

January 21, 2010

The party didn’t start
We were just hanging-out.
And it never really ended
It just got strung-out.
So we ducked-out late
Stood-up at the bus stop
Our shoes got soaked-up
In the ice and snow.
And we made it home
Hung-up our socks to dry
On the hot oven door
And slept till day-after-day.